ShareHouse bins will be closed from 6/1 until 7/31 to allow our volunteers a much needed summer vacation. Our bins will re-open on 8/1 and we will then start collecting fall, winter clothing as well as coats, hats, gloves and winter boots for our upcoming fall/winter giveaways. Thank you all for the kindness and generosity. 

ShareHouse would like to thank each and everyone of our volunteers. The volunteers that work behind the scenes to make ShareHouse possible. The dedicated volunteers that help us with all of our events. The clothing and shoe donations, monetary donations, sponsorship’s, our partners, and all the support from our local community. ShareHouse continues to spread ways to receive our services and look forward helping so many in need within the local communities.

During our grand re-opening event on Sunday, 9/23 we served over 197 people and handed out over 1772 clothing and shoe items.

Keep those donations coming our bins are open 24/7 located at 25350 Poland Road Chantilly VA.

About ShareHouse:

ShareHouse began in April of 2012 when two South Riding moms, Shellie Brown and Brynn Hansen, decided to collect a few outgrown, gently worn clothes and household items among themselves and their friends and start a monthly exchange. The motto of ShareHouse is “an exchange of goods and goodwill”. However, bringing items to the monthly events was not a requirement for participation and still isn’t. The events were held in their basements and anyone was welcome to take clothing.

In April of 2013, they invited their friend, Clara O’Brien, to join them and the events slowly began to grow and evolve. Soon the Parent Liaisons of South Riding’s schools were involved, and they helped get the word out in the community that anyone could go to the monthly events to get what they needed. The events outgrew Shellie’s and Brynn’s basements, so the events moved to the Dulles South Public Safety Center. Soon that space was outgrown as well and in February of 2014, Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church hosted an event at their Community Outreach Center. The church offered to be ShareHouse’s partner and permanent home.  

ShareHouse became a non-profit organization in 2016 and now has its own tax ID # and offers tax donation receipts. ShareHouse has a Facebook page, website page and a group of dedicated volunteers who continually get the word out in the community to let families in need know that about this important resource. ShareHouse continues to operate out of the Outreach Center and has grown into a full-blown non-profit and ministry now fully managed by a group of volunteers.

ShareHouse Services Overview:

Currently, we offer our services to those in need within our local Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. Clients will be provided vouchers to use our bi-monthly services and select the clothing and shoes they need for their families. Vouchers are distributed through our local partners, churches and parent liaison within all schools. At this time ShareHouse is only serving Loudoun and Fairfax County residents that currently receive other benefits from other organizations. Don’t receive benefits from other organizations in these counties, please contact us at director@sharehousecs.org for more information. We’re here to help those in need within our local community!